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Banilad lies at the northern part of Pinamalayan, a sitio of Lumambayan then. It became an independent barangay through a petition in 1959 consequently becoming one the year after.

The first settlers of the barangay were the Venturanza’s. They engaged in cattle raising and began to plant coconut on their claim lot. Before the war broke-out in 1941, influx of migrant came with acebeda’s, Cason’s, Constanotino’s and Fadriquela’s. the early settlers came from Marinduque and the nearby island Municipalities of Banton and Concepcion, Romblon.

The first Barangay Lieutenant was Rufino Ramos. His term of office lasted on the election held in 1959. He was succeeded by PepitoMagallanes who thereafter became the first Barangay Captain. During his term, he personally approached the Dean President Carlos Garcia for the ratification of Banilad as an independent Barangay. After his term, succession of Barangay officials continue.

Banilad is composed of different sitios namely MahabangBuhangin, Santolan, Somborio, BaniladProper(Palong), Bungahan, Bil-Isan and Comba. Banilad has a total land area of793.52 hectares. Banilad is bounded on the north by Barangay Ranzo, on the east by Tablas Strait, on the south by Barangay Pili and on the west by Municipality of Pola.

In 2003, the ORMECO reached barangay Banilad and almost 65% of the total household were energized.

Many projects sprouted in the term of SolitarioFadriquela, Jr. some of them were construction of footbridge, concreting of roads, construction of brgy. Police outpost, barangay market, barangay marker and SK Library and rehabilitation of session hall, installation of street lights and continuation of roads at sitioSimborio going to barangay Ranzo.

Fishing and farming are the main source of income.




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